“The Gospel of Jesus Christ invites all who follow its teaching to the fullness of life. Discipleship in the Gospel is life-long, a journey of faith coming to complete fulfilment only in the presence of God in heaven. The entire life of the disciple is marked by learning and growth.”
(Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales 2000)

In the Diocese of Derry the mission of Catholic Primary Schools is to develop as communities of faith and learning, providing the highest quality of education and offering formation through the promotion of the Gospel values, through celebration and worship, and through service to the common good. We believe that faith in Jesus Christ is central to the full and harmonious development of the person: intellectual, physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual.

Primary Schools in the diocese provide religious education as an integral part of their curriculum. The religious education programme leads pupils into a systematic study of the teaching of the Church, the saving mystery of Christ which the Church proclaims and its application in daily life.

In our Catholic Primary Schools we value and promote the distinctive but complementary roles of home, school and parish as together they work to promote the well-being and freedom of every person, made in the image and likeness of God.

The Diocesan Catechetical Centre supports the work of primary schools in a variety of ways. We have three main areas of focus.

• Facilitating teaching the faith to young people.
• Enabling staff in schools to develop their knowledge and understanding of Religious Education and Catholic faith in the context of the ethos of
• the Catholic school.
• Encouraging and facilitating close partnerships between home, school and parish.

Services Provided


1. Support Principal and staff in delivery of Religious Education programme.
2. Monitor and evaluate provision of Religious Education.
3. Offer support and advice on the development of Catholic Ethos.
4. Provide pastoral support for Principals and teachers.
5. The facility for school inspections for RE and the Catholic Ethos is offered.


1. Provide ongoing professional development for Religious Education Coordinators/Teachers both within schools and on specific Diocesan days.
2. Facilitate Religious component of Year One induction programme for parents.
3. Facilitate development of RSE policies and programmes including information evenings for parents.
4. Create a culture of shared practice among the diocesan primary school community.


1. Evening talks for parents
2. Sacramental workbooks
3. Retreats for children


1. Pre and post Confirmation Retreats for Year Seven/Sixth Class
2. End of Year Retreats Year Seven/Sixth Class
3. Staff Retreats/Days of Reflection
4. First Communion Retreats Year Four/Second Class


1. Sacramental meetings for parents
2. Resources as requested
3. Meetings during visits to parish schools


1. Sacramental workbooks for pupils-Shalom (First Penance) Celebrate(First Eucharist) Filled With Joy(Confirmation)
2. Sacramental Powerpoint Presentations - Shalom, (Reconciliation) The Work of the People (Eucharist) and Filled With Joy (Confirmation)
3. Parent Books - (Sacrament of First Penance and Eucharist) (Sacrament of Confirmation)
4. Powerpoint Presentations - The Stations of the Cross, The Rosary, Advent
5. Primary School Assemblies / Liturgical Celebrations
6. Guidance/suggestions for Reflective / Meditative prayer with children
7. Religious Education Policy
8. Relationships and Sexuality Policy. (Diocesan Programme currently being developed)
9. Summary of Alive-O Programme


1. Annual Mass for young people and adults with special needs.
2. Mass in Brandywell Stadium for all young people confirmed in the diocese during the year.
3. Catholic Schools’ Week- schools in the diocese celebrate their unique identity as Catholic Faith Communities.

Point of contact Miss Thérèse Ferry, Lay Advisor tferry@derrydiocese.org