Love Immeasurable

The sin of Shakespeare's King Lear is rooted in his treatment of love as a commodity, a "thing, to be bought and sold.

"How much do you love me?" he demands of each of his three daughters and adds self-indulgently that he will reward them in direct proportion to his assessment of the weight and measure of their declared love.

His two unscrupulous daughters, encouraged in no small way by their father's vanity and blind misconception of love, flatter his ego with grossly inflated statements of the extent of their affections. The third daughter, ashamed of her father's foolishness, remains silent. And perhaps silence is the only appropriate response to a definition of love as something measurable.

Father Richard Rohr sees love as "an infinite, inclusive flow of giving and receiving." What a rich contrast there is between Lear's impoverished definition of love as a "thing" and Richard Rohr's description of love as "an infinite, inclusive flow of giving and receiving"! "Infinite!" "Inclusive!" "Flow!" Words, concepts, that encourage us, mind, heart and soul, to reach out, to embrace fully, to expand our perceptions, to soar beyond boundaries of judgement and dissention and to unite with the God of Love Himself.
If love is a "thing" to be weighed and measured, then it is finite, limited. You can see its edges. You can distribute it to others in portions as big or as small as you deem appropriate to their deserving. You can withhold it from those you deem to be unworthy recipients.

But if love is "an infinitive, inclusive flow of giving and receiving", then we must put away the weighing scales and the measuring tapes; they have no part to play in this glorious, limitless, all-inclusive, flow of love which is at the heart of creation; this flow which denies love to no part of creation: flowers, trees, animals, family, friends, enemies, sinless and sinful alike. No barriers; no boundaries; no divisions; no judgements; no weighing or measuring. Just a going with the infinite, all-inclusive flow. There is, of course, the challenge of relinquishing our weights and measures, and with them our arbitrary judgements over who is to receive which amount of love and who is to receive no love at all. But think of the fresh air we shall breathe when we expand our horizons of love to include all that there is. Think of the lightness of being we shall experience when we shake off the weight of decision-making over the deserving and the undeserving; the reinforced concrete weight of prejudice and enmity. Think of the lightness of being that will energise us into feeling that we can live forever. Now who was it who promised us that we would live forever if we became one with the God of Love? Who was it but the Son of the God of Love himself!


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