Fetters of the Soul


Once when we were holidaying in Kerry, I bought a painting of a donkey from a local artist. My heart had leaped straight out to it as it hung there in the tiny gallery: a study in oils of a rough-haired donkey with huge soulful eyes, meekly accepting the mockery of a broken straw hat jammed on its head. The soulful eyes and the meek acceptance of its humiliation were a powerful reminder of the pity with which my childhood heart had once overflowed for a donkey. It was on a rural roadside, and the sad-eyed creature stood, motionless, its front legs cruelly fettered. I failed miserably to make any impact on the rope knots, so I burst into tears and ran home - where I denounced the "farmer man" with a ferocity which seriously alarmed my poor mother. "And the big green field behind the poor creature," I sobbed, "and him not able to run around in it. That farmer man should have his legs tied together himself and see how he likes it!" Is there anything more passionate than a child's heart when it's engaged with matters of injustice!

I was reminded of all of this recently when I came across a reference in her book, "Moments of Stillness" by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, to denials we practise in our lives which act as fetters on our souls. I thought of the poor fettered donkey and the green field behind him which he couldn't enjoy, and I wondered why it is that we, voluntarily, put fetters on our souls! Why should we be so afraid to accept a truth and move forward that we shackle our souls with chains of denial. The freedom of the green field, daisy-fresh with the enlightenment of truth, is beckoning to us, but we resolutely turn our backs on it, pretend it's not there in our efforts to avoid letting go of old prejudices, old convictions, old opinions, nostalgia for the past, denials that death is a part of life - letting go so that we can unshackle our souls and die into a new, fresh, green future, every moment of which we can now live vibrantly, fully, freely and completely. The poor donkey was fettered by force; we fetter our souls all by ourselves.


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