Two thousand and thirteen years ago a child was born into the world, a child whose naked need for his mother's breast, for his father's loving shade, rendered all the more awesome the power he held within him to teach humankind how to live.

"A baby small is come to teach." As his mother holds him in her arms, he holds in his beating heart a message of love that holds within it the gift of wisdom, wisdom to set free the minds, hearts and imaginations of every woman and man. A gift of wisdom held within the embrace of a mother's arms and a father's shade. What a holding was there on that first Christmas!

A friend of mine thought she had lost Christmas one year. She and her husband were living and working in East Africa when the child they were expecting decided to begin her launch into the world very early on Christmas morning. In the wake of unmistakable signs of their daughter's decision lay an endless nightmare drive through unfamiliar terrain, very different from the rolling landscape of my friend's native County Derry. They arrived at last at a primitive hospital, which was deserted by all save one nurse. There followed a difficult birth and a fragile, vulnerable new life. And my friend in her weariness thought sadly of the tinsel gathering dust back in their bungalow; of the presents lying unopened; the food mouldering; Christmas fading: the wasting of all her efforts to reproduce the warm familiarity of an Irish Christmas here in the frighteningly beautiful East African landscape.

Six months later, holding her precious daughter (who had miraculously survived a very dangerous infancy) my friend found herself thinking about that lost Christmas. She was thinking of the decimation of all her careful plans, when out of the clear blue African sky she experienced a joyful realisation: she had not lost Christmas six months before - rather she had found Christmas. She had, in fact, touched the very heart of Christmas because what is at the heart of Christmas is as human as it is divine. What was at the human heart of that first Christmas was pain, fear, confusion, unfamiliar surroundings, birth, blood and joy. It was when God was revealed, not as remote and coldly judgemental of human frailty, but truly as a God willing to share our humanness. There were so many ways that God could have chosen to manifest his face to the world. He chose to share and thereby affirm our humanness. To know that is to enter the stable and assist at the birth of the God of love - as my friend had done. And now when she looks into the beautiful face of her gloriously alive daughter, all grown up and fearlessly encountering the world, she remembers that sunlit day in East Africa when she found the Christmas she thought she had lost.

"A baby small is come to teach." As his mother holds him in her arms, he holds in his beating heart a message of love that holds within it the gift of wisdom, wisdom to set free the minds, hearts and imaginations of every woman and man.



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