Which of the two tigers will win the fight?

There are two tigers inside all of us.  One is 100% negative.  The other is 100% positive.  Which of the two tigers will win the fight?  The one that is fed the most!

These were the words of a successful businessman to a group of sixteen year olds.  It is so accurate.  In many ways we live in the midst of positivity and negativity.  We are pulled in both directions.  Often the negative direction can appear to have a more powerful pull.  We can see this at all levels of life.  We hear criticism louder than praise.  Criticism feeds our negative tiger.  It makes us believe that we are not good; that we are not able; that we are inadequate.  Criticism feeds our negative impression of ourselves. 

Negativity breeds negativity.  Think about what we watch on television - all those soap operas - nobody is happy - happy with their ordinary lives.  We begin to think that this is normal - that negativity is the right way to be. 

When we feed the negative tiger in us we end up with a life full of blame.  We blame everybody else for our negativity.  It's the governments fault.  It's the Church's fault.  It is our employers fault.  It's our parents fault.  It's our wife's fault.  It's our husband's fault.  It's our history's fault.   It's everybody's fault but ours.  This blaming and finding fault with others is a feast of food for the negative tiger in us. 

The Pharisees in today's gospel were negative people.  Their negative tigers were thriving!  Here they were in the presence of Jesus - in the presence of the one who had the gift of eternal life and joy.  What do they do?  Do they listen to him?  Do they celebrate that they are so close to him?  Do they rush and bring their families to hear him?  No!  They give out because the people with Jesus have not washed their hands before they started to eat.  This was a tradition or a custom of their and it became so much more important than what Jesus was saying and doing.  They could not enter into a positive relationship with their Saviour.  Their negativity became a barrier that was just too strong.

How did Jesus respond?  He held up a mirror to them.  He described to them the reality of their lives.  He told them you are negative.  You are hypocritical.  You miss the point.  Then in a very direct and uncompromising way he tells the Pharisees to do something that people who choose to be negative struggle to do.  He tells them not to be blaming others but to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.  He says that it is not what goes into a person that makes them unclean but the things that come out of a person. 

When we choose to be negative we are blind to joy.  When we choose to negative we can become obsessed with what doesn't matter and loose sight of what does.  When we choose to be negative we reject life.  When we choose to be negative it is our choice.  It is our decision and the consequences are our responsibility. 

In the letter to St James today we get a definition of pure unspoilt religion.  It is to help the orphans and the widows when they need it and to remain uncontaminated by the world.  In other words pure unspoilt religion is when we realise that we always have the power to help those in greater need than ourselves and we always need to focus on the positivity of God rather than any negativity that exists in our world. 

There are two tigers in us - one that is 100% positive and the other that is 100% negative.  Let us not be like the Pharisees feeding our negative tiger.  Let us feed our positive tiger by focusing on Jesus and caring for one another.  When we do this the negativity in us will slowly die and we will become more and more responsible, positive, life giving people, who are filled with joy.



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