Exclusion Policy

British jobs for British workers is what Gordon Brown said last week.  Barack Obama is trying to get all American companies who have work bases outside America to come home.  In this difficult economic time there is a tendency to close down and look after your own people first.  It has echoes of years gone by when there were signs up no Irish need apply.  Even here at home over the last few weeks and months you can hear more and more people saying that the foreigners should go back home because there is nothing for them here any more.  Any jobs that do exist should be for us.  In times of uncertainty people tend to retreat back into their group and exclude others.  Taking care of ourselves becomes our first priority.  While this is understandable it is also very regrettable.  The policy of exclusion breeds selfishness.  Selfishness ensures that we have never enough.  It might appear a very practical way to live but it is a very negative way to live that never arrives at contentment.


The book of Leviticus describes a policy of extreme exclusion.  People with leprosy were excluded.  They had to shout unclean.  They had to wear different clothing.  They had to be excluded from the community.  It was an awful sentence.  Not alone were you very sick you were also an outcast.  In the gospel from Mark the desperation that this exclusion leads to is clearly seen in the person with leprosy.  He came to Jesus and he pleaded on his knees to be cured. 


If Jesus had followed the accepted norms of the time he would have ignored the man.  If the man persisted he would have ordered him to go away.  However Jesus did not do this.  He did what was unthinkable at the time.  He touched the man.  He was tender and compassionate towards this man.  These are feelings that the man would not have experienced all through his illness.  Rather than being declared unclean he was touched and he was healed.  He was included again in the community.  That is what gave him so much joy and excitement - a joy and excitement that he could not contain so he told everybody no matter what Jesus told him. 


Jesus did not see difference as a barrier to anything.  He always reached out the one who felt different - the one who felt inferior - the one who felt excluded and brought them into the community.  This was an unpopular thing to do.  It broke laws.  It lost him influential friends and it ultimately cost him his life.  Jesus never protected himself.  He always protected the most vulnerable.  Jesus never cared for himself first.  He always cared for the other.  His life was lived for the good of other people.  His life continues to be lived for the good of other people.


Through our baptism we share in the life of Jesus.  Therefore we are called to live as he lived.  This has daily implications for the decisions and choices that we make.  Yes it is understandable in today's climate that we feel vulnerable and our natural reaction is that we try to protect ourselves first even if this is at the expense of others.  Sadly in the recent cutbacks in the republic 95m€ was cut from the over seas aid budget - the budget for the developing world and there was nearly no objection to it.  This is evidence of where we try to protect ourselves at the expense of others.  This creates exclusion.  It is selfish.  It is not Christian.  It was selfishness that brought us into this mess and I cannot see how selfishness can bring us out of it. 


Scripture challenges us to reject attitudes like British jobs for British workers.  It challenge us to ensure that we will not treat others in the same way as we were treated in the past when we emigrated to find better lives.  No Irish need apply is a wound of history.  We would have very short memories if we adopted an attitude today of nobody but Irish need apply.  It is in times of relative need and insecurity that our Christianity is tested most.  Please God we will not be found wanting.  

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