How Did I Get This Busy?

Recipes for busy mums, tips for busy teachers, workshops for busy executives – these are just some of the courses around today that help us cope with being too busy. People speak and act as if ‘being busy’ is a force beyond their control, as if somewhere back in history a malign spirit of busy-ness invaded the planet. There was a time, in the good old days, when people had time, and life moved at an easy pace. But ‘modern society’ changed all that and now we are stuck with a way of life that is a breathless rush. ‘People don’t have time like they used to’ – and we all nod in agreement.

I have recently taken to asking those who come to the monastery on retreat where they find sanctuary in their lives today. Some of them admit frankly that they do not have any sanctuary; they are just too busy, and that is why they have come on retreat. This busy-ness is so endemic that even that act of coming on retreat for forty-eight hours evokes in them strong feelings of guilt. ‘I’ve had to leave my spouse to look after the children, ‘they say, or ‘I should be working’; and so the feel that simply being in the monastery is self-indulgent. Then I ask them: ‘Why have you allowed yourself to get into this state?’ The question throws them, because until that moment most had assumed that the excessive busy-ness of their lives was somebody else’s fault. They and many others have an unspoken assumption that ‘modern life’ is busy, that being busy is one of the penalties of living in a developed country in the twenty-first century and that one day they will make a life decision to escape from all this….but not yet.

‘Busy’ is, of course, a relative term, a fact humorously illustrated by the advertisement that shows a man on a bike stuck behind a stationary but solitary bus on a Caribbean island. The cyclist complains: ‘Man, this is gridlock!’ Leaving aside for the moment the relative nature of being busy, the foundations of our contemporary feeling of ‘being too busy’ are worth a closer look.

Put simply, if somebody says they are too busy, then either they are too busy or they think they are too busy. Either way, the responsibility lies with them; they choose to lead a busy life or they choose to think that they do. When I have said to people on retreat that they have chosen to be busy, they find this impossible to accept.

Abbot Christopher Jamison
Taken from ‘Finding Sanctuary’ Monastic Steps for Everyday Life

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