The Stations of the Cross by Pupils of St Theresa’s PS, Sion Mills

 The Stations of the Cross by Pupils of St Theresa's PS, Sion Mills

As part of our Lenten Project the Year 5/6 class went to visit churches in the local parishes. We visited five in total looking at everything from the layout of the chapels, their décor, the sanctuary and the altar area. We specifically looked at how the Stations of the Cross were portrayed. This ranged from simple wooden figures to more ornate paintings drawn in a 'classical' style.

The Stations of the Cross were to tie in with the end of our project which culminates in a Passion Play performed during Holy Week.

Having completed this research we began to work under the guidance of Mrs. Gloria Perry [Artist] whose expertise would help the pupils produce their own version of The Stations of the Cross.

Art Methodology

The children first used the images they found on their tour of the chapels and looked at other artists work on the internet. Children worked in pairs and taking a Station each they pencilled out their sketches. Once happy with their image these were transferred onto A4 styrofoam printing sheets.

Using various colours of block-printing inks the indented image on the Styrofoam sheets were rolled up with the ink and a print taken onto black card. Left for a week to completely dry the children then used oil pastels to work into their inked image. The result was amazing!

The Stations were then block-board heat-mounted and are on display  around the school during the Lenten Period.

Mr Bert Mc Nulty (Teacher)