St Brigid's PS, Cranagh, Plumbridge


Reflections on 'Fan the Flame' Open Air Mass


On 'Fan the Flame' Day all Year Seven pupils from the Derry Diocese came together, by attending Mass, to celebrate receiving the Holy Spirit in Confirmation. Mass was celebrated in the open air on Thursday 10th June in Celtic Park in Derry. I had to carry a banner with our school name on it. There were over 2500 people at the Mass. It was a very warm, sunny day.              Eunan Conway

On Thursday 10th June 2010 all the Year 7 children were selected to come to a very special Mass in Derry. I was really excited when I heard we were going to the Mass. On Thursday morning at 9.15am the Primary Seven's in my school got on the school bus. When we arrived at the car park of the football stadium we got off the bus. We walked into the lovely stadium where you could see freshly cut green grass and bright red and white seats.

At 11.30 we began the Mass. I sat in the open air and watched everything that went on. My friend Orla did the First Reading at the Mass. She was really good. At another stage in the Mass, another two of my friends Ann and Eunan held a banner and walked around the pitch. At the Mass there were about twenty priests. We said some prayers and sang some songs.

We received Communion and at the end of the Mass we released balloons into the air. It was a very spiritual experience-despite the sunburn.  Aine Bradley


I had a very special role in the Mass because I was chosen to do the First Reading so I was probably more nervous than the other children there. It was a beautiful sunny day which really helped to set the atmosphere.

When we arrived we were shown to our seats in the front because I had to go onto the pitch. I couldn't believe the number of people there. I was a little nervous until

Sr Perpetua came and talked to me. She told me exactly where to go and when to get up.

The Mass started with a procession which included banners, children from every school, Bishop Hegarty, Bishop Lagan and lots of priests. Bishop Hegarty said the Mass. He started off by telling us to enjoy the day and to remember it for the rest of our lives. He also told us to always respect our parents.

I did my reading and I was happy with how I did it. When I looked up at end I was amazed at the thousands of faces looking at me. It was then I realised what an experience and honour it was to take part in the Mass that day. The whole day was very well organised and it was an experience I will never forget.   Orla Kennedy


When I went to the 'Fan the Flame' Mass on the 10th June I had a really good time. It was amazing how many people showed up! There were about 2500 people there I think! I was one of the pupils chosen to carry the school banner around the pitch.

The Mass itself was very good. The choir sang beautifully and with the help from the crowd it was even better. I really enjoyed 'Fan the Flame' and to top it off the weather was bright and sunny, just the way summer weather should be!        Ann Mc Garvey

One of my favourite things about Fan the Flame Mass was at the end when they let a lot of balloons into the air. I thought it was amazing and something I'll never forget.

I liked all the songs and actions they played at the Mass because they were so joyful and happy and not what you see every day.

I thought the crowd was happy and joyful and that made me happy too.

It was really nice that Bishop Hegarty and Bishop Lagan were there to celebrate with us. It was fascinating that every school had a banner. You could read them and see which schools were there. I enjoyed every part of the Mass. I just can't pick my favourite one. I felt very special to be a P7 at the Mass.  Leanne Mc Crory


At 'Fan the Flame', I had lots of fun. It was a very sunny day. I got sunburn. I really liked it because they let lots of balloons go off after the Mass. A priest gave all my friends and I a 'high five.' My friends Eunan and Ann carried the banner with St Brigid's PS written on it.    John Gallagher