World Famous African Choir to perform in Ardmore Parish

The African Children's ChoirTM is the ambassador for Africa's neediest, most vulnerable children.  The Choir shows the world that its members, like the millions of abandoned and traumatized children in Africa, have beauty, dignity and unlimited potential!


In 1984, in the midst of Uganda's bloody civil war, human rights activist Ray Barnett was called on to help the many thousands of orphaned and starving children, abandoned and helpless to feed and protect themselves.

Realizing the enormity of the task Ray and his team came up with a unique approach. The only way to make a meaningful difference was to impact the lives of these children, one child at a time.

"Inspired by the singing of one small boy, he formed the first African Children's Choir.


Since 1984, the Choir's message has reached many millions of people across North America and Europe and as far a field as Australia.

Through the excellence of their performances they have raised substantial sums of money. This supports both the commitment of the organisation to the ongoing care and education of the Choir children themselves and funds the education and welfare of many thousands of children in some of Africa's most troubled and needy areas.

To date the work of the Choir has extended from its beginnings in Uganda to Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Southern Sudan and most recently Nkomazi in the northern border region of South Africa. It targets children whose lives can be changed by the chance to receive the care and quality education that brings freedom from poverty and hopelessness.

They are the future of Africa.


All funds go towards relief and development projects in Africa providing education, food, shelter and medical assistance to Africa's orphans and needy children.

Ardmore Visit

The choir who will perform in Ardmore are from the Nkomazi of South Africa. There are 23 children, aged between 7 and 10. The tour commenced in Northern Ireland on the 5th June. The choir kicked off their tour with a performance for the First and Deputy First ministers for Northern Ireland, followed by a performance for the Irish President- all in their first week!  They will be performing in Ardmore Church on Sunday 13th September at 7.30pm.  A collection will take place during the performance.

For further details please contact the parish on 028 71349490 or email ardmoreparish@btconnect.com