The Madagascar Appeal

During the summer of 2008 St Patricks and St Brigids College, Claudy volunteered to teach English to aspiring priests from the Madagascar region in Africa.  It was during this time that we learned of their plight and the difficulties they encountered financially when attempting to become part of this vocation.

The Religious Studies department of St Patricks and St Brigids, set about raising much needed funds for those who, although less fortunate that ourselves, were ready and willing to follow the priestly vocation.

Under the guidance of Mr Michael Donnelly, the pupils and staff of St Patricks and St Brigids set about organising a sponsored fast to coincide with the 'Week of Vocations', Sunday 19th October 2008. A number of staff and pupils got involved and relished the opportunity to not only understand the importance of vocations in this country but also raise awareness of the commendable work of the Carmelite Order.

From the outset our goal was, to raise £500 to help the young priests whom Mr Mc Cauley had met during the summer and to open our student's eyes to the importance of the Universal Church while forging links with people less well off than ourselves in foreign countries.

With a lot of effort from both the students and staff of Claudy, we went well beyond the sum of £500 pound to the extent were we almost doubled this amount. Another positive point to add is that the pupils have had the opportunity to learn about the magnificent work of the Carmelite order and the necessity of a strong vocations drive in Ireland.

As a result, our future aim is to continue to support other student priest as they set out on their vocation. We hope to continue to help those who need our help and forge links throughout the world via e-mail as a way of staying in touch and thus allow our students to see how we can make a difference.