Saint Mary's Primary School Greenlough celebrates Catholic School's Week

To celebrate Catholic Schools Week, which took place from Sunday 31st January until Saturday 6th February 2016, Saint Mary's Primary School Greenlough held a number of events throughout the week.

The theme of the week was "Catholic Schools: Challenged to Proclaim God's Mercy" which highlights the Jubilee Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis from 8 December 2015 to 20 November 2016.

As part of Catholic School's Week we celebrated the Feast of St. Brigid on Monday 1st February when the ladies from St. Columba's Camogie club and Grandparents came along to share with the pupils of Year 5-7 the skills of making St. Brigid's Crosses.

This has been a long standing tradition in the school and we remember a Grandparent, Colm Lynn, (R.I.P)at this time who was a key person in years gone past who came into the school to demonstrate how to make the crosses. We ensure that this tradition is preserved in our school by each year inviting volunteers and Grandparents to give their time to come into school and share their expertise with the children. It is very much appreciated and each child in Year 5 -7 made a cross which was taken home.

As part of Catholic School's Week and to promote the Year of Mercy and with Grandparents invited, a Special Prayer Service was held on the morning of Wednesday 3rd February which was led by Year 3 & 7.

As part of the Prayer Service, Father Harkin, our new curate opened the Door of Mercy in the foyer of the school. Grandparents then walked through the door of Mercy followed by the pupils. The children and everyone present was encouraged to think about a door in everyday life having several functions, all repeated by the symbol of the Holy Door. We talked about the importance of showing mercy and having mercy shown to us.

As it was the feast of Saint Blaise, Father Harkin also blessed the throats of everyone present during A cup of tea was enjoyed afterwards by the Grandparents of Year 3 and 7 who enjoyed the company of their Grandchildren for the refreshments.

On Friday 5th February, the Year 2 Assembly focused on the theme of "Mercy" and a "Cup of Kindness" was our central poem with little sips of kindness being highlighted as " playing fair,saying sorry, being gentle, being forgiving, respecting others, being helpful and loving each other".
" A Cup of Kindness"

Offer a cup of kindness, Offer a cup of forgiveness
To someone hurting today to those who have hurt you
Offer them a sip of grace offer them a sip of peace
Tell them things will be okay you'll please God if you do

The children really enjoyed Catholic Schools Week and we wish to thank Mrs Quinn our RE Coordinator for organising the events of the week including the Liturgy for our Prayer Service.

We also wish to thank Miss Maguire who prepared the choir for the Prayer Service and also thanks are extended to Miss Mc Goldrick for her artistic skill and her time taken to make the beautiful curtains for the "Door of Mercy" which we now pass through each day.

Thanks to Therese Ferry and the Derry Catechetical team for the great resources which were used throughout Catholic Schools Week in each class. We had a great week and were truly delighted that we shared the week with our recently appointed curate Father Dermot Harkin.

Thank you Father Dermot for your energy and warmth which you share each time you visit our school!